06.20.12 – 06.26.12

06.20.12 - 06.26.12

and so, the final project begins. I have yet to get comfortable with the method, which is quite counterintuitive for someone coming from a very sketch-based drawing background. whereas I am used to plotting out my work beforehand, then building layer after layer upon a firm foundation. instead, this project takes a different approach that involves basically everything that it has been engrained in me not to do – extensive erasing and focusing entirely on one piece of the drawing, finishing it completely before moving on to the next bit.
while the process has been dreadfully slow, looking at the photographs has me realizing that I have, in fact, made a good deal of progress. considering that I have had no time to spend on this outside of class, and only two class periods of drawing, I am fairly satisfied with the amount that I have finished. I even think that it may actually be possible for me to have this finished by Thursday, as daunting of a task as it seems.
like all of the other projects we have done thus far, this assignment has really shoved me outside of my “comfort zone”, even more so than the others. however frustrating it may be, I feel as though I have already learned more from this project than any others – hyperfocus, awareness, erasing symbolism, and more than all, patience.


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